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Impactivation - A Value-Based Evaluation & Risk Assessment System reduces and avoids adverse impacts in nature, reduces and avoids economic risk, optimizes technology implementation and secures & improves economic results, secure human safety and lifequality while reducing and avoiding climate chaos.

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Impactivation – business with a reason

Impactivation is a truly innovative and disruptive sience and AI based technology for Risk Analytics, Project Simulations and Corporate Decision Making control, for comprehensive impact evaluation and assessment, economic performance improvement and consequence based decision strategies. Impactivation embraces solutions to improve loss prevention, increase the prosperity enhancement, new technology and process evaluation, strategic project assessment, ecosystems impact evaluation, and a responsible corporate operational and management system all on one platform.

It is evident we need a new type of technological development, what we call a Value-based Technology, a technology that hacks our ability to make good decisions and which puts up barriers to avoid negative results and adverse impacts in our daily life. Technology that will not only stop and lower temptations before they arise but also developing cost-efficient and positive climate solutions forcing us to make improved decisions through the minimization of adverse impact with negative consequences.


This technology is called The Impactivation Plan or Impactivation Standard, providing humanity with a new technology not only solving today’s problems but also creating new opportunities reforming and substantiating economical stability of circulating values. These values are preserved and increased following the Impactivation Methodology.

Impactivation - generates disruptive business

Impactivation is also an ethical trading and payment platform with its own e-currency. Think of Ali Baba/ Bloomberg/ Behavioral Economics Laboratory/ Cyber-Currencies/ Space University/ Strategic Management/ Data Analytics/ Aid-with-Profit and Dynamic Result Simulation with Virtual Reality in a much wider scope and under value-based principles.


Impactivation links products, projects and users that have not been integrated into the market with producers, investors and consumers in developed economies on one universal platform. It will connect the one-third of humanity that currently has hardly any ties to formal markets with the rest of the world economy. Impactivation will also provide education, water, and energy and communication technologies. Impactivation is an organically growing system, which on its way will generate enormous wealth for all involved, widely de-coupled from conventional economic cycles.


All commercial decisions entail business for the provider of the most appropriate provider of goods and services. Therefore, providers of low-impact goods and services will support the platform, which targets their clients as precisely as no other sales, trading or management platform on the web. This is the perfect pull strategy, where the client seeks the seller, based on best available information.

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