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IMPACTIVATION SYSTEMS LTD is a Management Advisor Consultancy specialised on IT Software & Block chain based Business and Services Developer using various Protocols (BitCoin/LiteCoin/Ether) for peer-to-peer payment systems and communication models. The Impactivation Platform is a cloud-based system with professional services evaluating your data i.e. holistic business climate; it lowers economical risk factors and avoids adverse impacts on human livelihood and slavery, biodiversity and use of natural resources. The tech is based on artificial intelligence and 4D Virtual Reality.


Impactivation System is also a facilitator of a trading pool where seller and buyer meet, all-trading between buyers and sellers take place directly between the approved parties or with Impactivation Systems working on contracts and deals planned for the platform services. Impactivations role is to connect buyer and seller wich are certified clients with a users contract, it will also be a platform where a variety Consults, Engineers, Technicians, Scientists and other professionals can offer their services and products or they are searching employment in the International market.


Impactivation Systems Limited is also issuing Impact Certificates for professionals and projects, it will educate professionals in the Impactivation Methodology and Standard for them to be certified Impact Advisors over our own school: The Structuration and Impact Economics Academy issuing Impact Advisor Certificates.


The Impactivation Standard, a groundbraking Brittish system fighting climate chaos & poverty while improving profitability

Impactivation – positive measurable climate impacts

As a value-based technology, it will have immediate impact on use and extraction of natural resources, agriculture and forestry, conservation and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity and how corporations will stimulate to long-term prosperity through avoiding adverse impacts. As a direct climate-economical incentive, all users of Impactivation should be offered a tax discount for all users implementing B-Corp impact incentives. This tax reduction could be directed towards projects with measurable results from social and humanitarian activities, all rainforest projects are in immediate need of new impact-strategies and impact funding, and to invest in educational and health institutions, cooperatives and SME production in rural societies


Impactivation is an innovative and disruptive electronic cyber-robot technology, for Analytics, Simulations and Decision Making, of comprehensive risk evaluation and assessment, performance and decision analysis platform and Standard. Impactivation embraces solutions to improve loss prevention, increase the prosperity enhancement, new technology and process evaluation, strategic project assessment, ecosystems impact evaluation, and a responsible corporate operational and management system all on one platform. This technique is called The Impactivation Methodology or the Impactivation Standard, providing humanity with a new technology not only solving today’s problems but also creating new opportunities reforming and substantiating economical stability of circulating values. These values are preserved and increased over the Impactivation Platform.


As a value-based technology, it will have an immediate impact on The Climate and use and extraction of natural resources, agriculture and forestry, conservation and protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, and how corporations will stimulate to long-term prosperity through avoiding adverse impacts. Impactivation is a disruptive and innovative concept for a groundbreaking Universal Internet Fintech & Management platform functioning as an "International Langue" for all business, trading, payment solutions, decision-making, education, political planning, charity, aid and support tool for impact-based production and consumption.


Sustainability is the aim. Impactivation is the process tool Impactivation Systems Ltd is developing on a password-protected technology-platform, the aim of which is to achieve "measurable sustainability" with accountability goals for private, corporate, political and organizational users. The Impactivation Platform is an evaluation and simulation tool providing a best-case option to follow for each decision. The electronic decision-making and evaluation robot simulates a virtual 4D reality & impact consequences.

Impact on Natural Capital

The well being of all human societies depends on a healthy and productive natural environment: a healthy planetary ecosystem. This ecosystem provides vital and valuable services: Climate regulation, waste decomposition, nutrient cycling, flood control, water and air treatment, and pest and disease control, provision of genetic resources or pollination.Everything we do and everything we are we owe to this planet and its nature, our birth is only one of this planets systematic re-generation systems as a species equal to any other on this planet, the nature are us and we are the nature.The “remaining nature” is all we have; there is no Planet B

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